We are a Cardano Stake Pool based in Colombia


We believe in humanity's decentralized future and in equal financial opportunities for everybody regardless of gender, race, creed, birthplace, or social status. For this reason we have placed our trust in Cardano, a blockchain platform focused on developing technological tools and solutions that allow us to achieve a positive change in humanity through the democratization of financial services.

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Why to delegate with us


Tenemos las cuotas mas bajas posibles: 340 ADA y 0%, por lo que tu obtienes una mayor rentabilidad al delegar tus ADA con nosotros.


We are first the first Stake Pool operating from a physical server in Colombia, in this way we contribute to network's decentralization. We also have servers in Germany and England


We donate 20% of all our income to foundations responsible for providing education to low-income children in Colombia and Latin America.

Find us in Daedalus or Yori by our Ticker CCOL or by our Pool ID

Pool ID: ddf686213f0a98f6515a7a700652e229ce222174158f5f82b43457bc

Who we are

My name is Carol, I am the proud mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Salomé and Sofía. At the end of 2020 I knew Cardano, and since that moment I understood that blockchain technology was going to shift the paradigm in the world.

My husband is in charge of all the technical details of the pool, he keeps the servers operating with the best server management practices and with the last network updates to keep the pool in optimal operating conditions. I'm in charge of social networking and our daughters are our motivation to keep up with this project everyday. We are a family and a team.


We want to bring prosperity to our country and the region, we will achieve this objective with 3 different approaches

1 We contribute to the education of the most needy children by donating 20% ​​of our income to foundations responsible for providing education in vulnerable regions of Colombia and Latin America,

2 we disseminate information about Cardano in Spanish so that more and more people can participate in this new economy

3 We put Colombia on the Cardano map to attract foreign investment.

Technical details

We operate with a hybrid Pool architecture, we have 2 virtual servers and a physical one. Cardano Colombia operates from a block producer node and 2 relays, the block producer node and one of the relays are hosted on virtual private servers (VPS) located in Germany and England. The second relay node is housed in a 8GB Ram Raspberry Pie 4 located in our house.

We are proud to say that we are the only Cardano Pool that operates from a physical server located in Colombia, in this way we increase the network's decentralization and put our country on the Cardano hot spot.